In summer 2017 the Saxophonklasse Lars Mlekusch of Music and Arts University Vienna will end after 12 years under my guidance.
I was appointed as the saxophone professor in 2005 at the age of only 26 and some of my first students were older than me. There was no classical saxophone at this institution before (former Konservatorium Wien University and now Music and Arts University Vienna). Even though I started with only 2 students I decided to move to Vienna (which was economically quite questionable…) but soon had a full studio with fantastic students coming from all over the world. I was working hard but I also enjoyed so much my time with the students: lessons, talks, projects, concerts, the vienna international saxfest and even parties!
It was not always easy to convince the school and certain people that my idea of teaching a saxophone class involves more than individual teaching, which certainly remains the core of our work. But my Idea of working with students to help them grow as an artist and find their very own way with music and arts, goes way beyond that. The more restistance you have to overcome, the harder you fight for the things you love and believe in. So it was also a good lesson for me. And of course not to mention all the things that I learned from my students.
In 2015, I was also appointed as the saxophone professor at the Zurich University of the Arts. This as well started as a small studio but within only 2 years developped into a great saxophone class. What this school offers to their students and teachers is unique and it feels like a perfect place for aspiring artists with an open mind. Its interdisciplinary approach, facilities, inspiring fresh atmosphere and 24/7 working possibilities are quite new to me and I feel a new spark has ignited inside me and I am ready to put all my energy into my work at this place. I am also keen on finding more time for my conducting, score studies and hands on projects.
Yes, I decided to leave MUK – Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien and my now grown up baby, the Saxophonklasse Lars Mlekusch of Music and Arts University Vienna I hope and believe hat somebody will continue this class full of energy and dedication.
I want to thank all of my former and current students for this wonderful time in my life and I hope to see you soon in Zurich. Zurich Saxfest just had its first succesful edition and as you can imagine I am already thinking about the next one.
some impressions of this class, not updated since 2015.
However I am not totally lost to Vienna and I am excited to return in 2018 to collaborate as a conductor in a project with my beloved ensemble PHACE.


no updates 2011-2017


Die CD des MOBILIS Saxophonquartett wird mit dem Pasticcio Preis ausgezeichnet! Herzliche Gratulation!

den The Saxophone Class wins Top Prize at Fidelio Competition with an Invitation to the Wiener Festwochen!

At the 3rd International Jean-Marie Londeix Saxophone Competition Bangkok July 2011 MICHAEL KRENN won the 2nd Prize! Congrats!

Aleksandar Jankech won 3rd prize in Category 1 and EMCY Special Prize!
Janez Ursej won 4th Prize in category 2

New Websites of the Mobilis Saxophone Quartet:

also visit:

In May 2010 i had the chance to work with the saxophone students of Arno Bornkamps Class at Amsterdam Conservatory and Johan van der Lindens Class at Utrecht Conservatory.  It was an intense week of teaching but also very interesting and enjoyable for me. To get to know other students is important for me to think constantly about my way of teaching and find new approaches to certain technical and musical challenges.  Teaching music is not a one way process but is like a dialogue between two (or more) individual artists. Although one is usually called the teacher, he probably learns as much from the so called students as the other way around. Thanks to everyone for sharing this experience with me!

Conservatorium van Amsterdam

In March 2010, Jean-Marie Londeix and I have been invited to teach masterclasses at the Conservatory of Palma de Mallorca and i also played a concert with the Duo Saxophonic (with Florian Bogner, electronics).  I was deeply impressed by the
students level or technical and musical artistry and their way of playing new music.
Harry Halbreich, Jean-Marie Londeix, Lars Mlekusch I had a great time!


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